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“Opening with a damn-near black-metal shriek, the track eventually settles into a Mastodon-style doom trudge before the double bass comes back in and everything goes haywire. Sludge that doesn’t slouch. Hell yeah.”

Revolver on “Death Is The Beginning”

“It all feels like a weird, half-remembered fever dream, which as it turns out is exactly what SOMNURI wants.”

Metal Injection on “Paramnesia”

“This band has always been defiant and awkward: melodic when others would be brutal, brutal when others would take their foot off the gas, and only tangentially nudging probable inspirational sources like Mastodon, Baroness, and Kylesa… an album that can only strengthen SOMNURI's reputation as arch sludge manipulators.”


“Sonically, it’s crisp, punchy, and weighty; likely what you’d expect for a band recording at Silver Cord Studios (yes, that Silver Cord, home of Gojira) in their hometown of New York with a production job that lets the various elements breathe and gives them their own space without sacrificing suffocating atmosphere when it needs it.”

– Distorted Sound

“Heavy and meaty, but with emotive depth and substance, Desiderium is a grower, one that delivers more and more as you get to know it more and more. It’s good to have the band back once more, and they have returned with a winner.”

– Wonderbox Metal

“SOMNURI are fastly becoming one of the best upcoming bands from the doom/sludge/stoner metal scene and with Desiderium it’s not hard to see why. This is simply another wonderful release from SOMNURI who could end up becoming one of your new favorite bands.”

– Outlaws Of The Sun 


“Fans of Kylesa and High On Fire may get a thrill out of ‘Flesh & Blood’ a number that illustrates the band’s talent for producing pummelling sludge metal but with an intelligent and experimental streak while ‘Desiderium’ is wonderfully expansive and unpredictable and you are never quite certain where and when it will land, I was reminded a little of latter-day Deftones in places.”

– Ghost Cult


“Dense, dynamic, and diabolical…”

– Rock And Roll Fables


“Desiderium have plenty of anger driving its riffs, yet vocalist/guitarist Justin Sherrell also has a great singing voice that he doesn’t ignore. It’s this duality of melody and rage that SOMNURI has nailed down after years of being on the cusp of getting there. If there was a release that would break this band out into the greater masses, Desiderium should be their golden ticket.”

– Heavy Music HQ

A fresh take on sludge from this killer Brooklyn trio.  There’s a deceptive elegance to Somnuri’s brand of meaty metal, a mysterious adeptness at simultaneously sounding like gilded seraphs while peeling off thick slabs of syrupy slick sludge metal.

- Metal Hammer (UK) 

Don't sleep on this Brooklyn-based post-sludge trio's sophomore crusher.

- Decibel Magazine (USA)


A winning blend of hard-hitting riffs, musical mastery and earworm-worthy hooks.  Nefarious Wave hits like a tsunami and continues to wash over the listener for long after. 

- Metalsucks (USA)

If you like your stoner metal with a little something extra, then Somnuri are for you.

- Revolver Magazine

An album that always feels “forward-thinking” and allows the band to be taken on their own hard-hitting creative terms, themes and ideas. 

- Outlaws of the Sun (UK)

The songs certainly are not without an element of danger and of course a certain amount of confrontationalism is a regional delicacy of NYC, but Somnuri find a niche for themselves amid that tempest.

- The Obelisk (USA)

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